Knead Bakehouse Is Giving Away Free Starter Today for National Sourdough Day

Apr 1, 2021 at 7:03 am
This lovely bread could come out of your home oven thanks to Knead's sourdough starter giveaway. - COURTESY OF KNEAD BAKEHOUSE
This lovely bread could come out of your home oven thanks to Knead's sourdough starter giveaway.

Kirsten Brown is not worried that her plan to give away Knead Bakehouse's (3467 Hampton Avenue, 314-376-4361) sourdough starter for National Sourdough Day is akin to giving away trade secrets. In fact, she's happy to share the love.

"We want to share it," Brown says. "We've been selling our sourdough starter since the day we opened, because we want people to make more bread together and break bread with each other around the table. If they do that using our starter, then that's great."

In celebration of National Sourdough Day, Knead Bakehouse is giving away its starter with any online purchase. The promotion, which runs today (April 1) only, is part of Knead's mission to bring people together around the table, as well as a way to celebrate what Brown calls "a year of sourdough," referring to the explosion in home baking that has occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"I think similarly to gardening or making your own food, we've been in a stage of life where we didn't have a lot of control over what we were going to be able to get at the grocery store or the local bakery," Brown says. "Scarcity was real, so I think people said to themselves, 'I have this time. Maybe I can do this myself.' I think there is something primal about being able to bake for yourself when really, all you need is starter, flour, sea salt and water to make a loaf of bread."

Along with its starter, Knead will be giving customers a QR code that links to instructions on how to feed and care for the product, as well as recipes and links to websites that have all the information needed to bake bread, even for the novice baker. The bakehouse will also have flour available for purchase.

According to Brown, one of the most wonderful things about sourdough is that no two versions will taste the same — it all depends on the different ingredients used to make the bread. Though all of her customers are getting the same starter, she says that the breads will turn out differently due to different flours and other variables.

"Each loaf is uniquely yours," Brown says. "We think this is a fun way of showing that and celebrating a year of sourdough and people baking their own bread. We want to keep championing people to do that."

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