Kraft Macaroni & Tweets: Seven Tweets That Didn't Make the Cut

Mar 31, 2011 at 8:00 am

Have you been watching your late-night TBS talk shows this week? If not, you missed the mash-up of ads and Twitter and mac and cheese.

During "Conan" and "The George Lopez Show" this week, Kraft launched their "Mac and Cheese TV" ad campaign in which they produced ten high-production commercials on the fly based on Tweets made about mac and cheese.

Noelle O'Mara, Senior Brand Manager, KRAFT Macaroni & Cheese, told Marketwire, "We know people love Kraft Macaroni & Cheese and 'Mac & Cheese TV' is our way of celebrating the online conversations consumers are having about our delicious products. We are engaging with consumers in a new way -- through unconventional social media programs that enable us to continue to have a two-way dialogue with our fans."

Wanna see what they did?

Other Tweets that inspired ads include...

can't stop thinking about Macaroni Cheese.less than a minute ago via web

@jennyhamrick I don't joke about mac and cheese.less than a minute ago via txt

But what didn't make the cut?