Little Farms Benefit From Massive Egg Recall

Small egg farmers benefit from massive recall. CNBC reports that an Amish farmer in Kansas can't keep up with demand with her 100 hens as consumers turn to small producers in light of August's recalls from egg factory farms.

Other small farmers are growing crops they'll never consume. According to the Associated Press, Mormons - who abstain from drinking alcohol - are big producers of hops and barley for the beer industry, especially in Idaho where Mormon legislators are passing laws to benefit the beer industry on behalf of the farmers.

They probably won't need to adopt Kendall-Jackson Winery's latest tactic. The Santa Rosa Press Democrat says the winery set up a breathalyzer booth at their recent tomato festival. Revelers weren't required to take the test, but participants report that the tests did encourage some people to sober up before hitting the road.

A good cheese sandwich is priceless. Or, in the U.K., could cost over 100 pounds. BBC News visits the country's oldest cheese show in Somerset, where a chef is selling a cheddar sandwich with white truffles, sprinkled with gold dust. It's in the running for the Guinness world record for Most Expensive Sandwich.

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