Live Blog: I Scream Cakes on "Foodography"

Tonight's the night! St. Louis' own I Scream Cakes is appearing on the new Cooking Channel. It's 7:00. Are you watching Kerry Sorachi on "Food(ography)"?

7:00 - Mo Rocca tells us this hour will be everything ice cream. Past, present, sinful, comfort food, "a frozen security blanket", followed by its move from 1700 fancy food to the swill of the great unwashed.

7:02 - Johnny Iuzzini's making dessert quartets and manipulating rhubarb into soup, sorbet, and iced rhubarb foam. Iced rhubarb juice with elderflower juice. A thickener, blended, vacuum foamed, and frozen. It's fun! Playful. But it's not ice cream.

7:04 - Eton Chan talks Hawaiian shaved ice. Or snow, so the flavors don't sink to the bottom. That's what makes it something other than a sno cone. And it's a rainbow, covered with a drizzle of sweetened condensed milk!

7:06 - Coming up: fire and liquor. Good, because this edgy new food channel is mighty fast-paced.

7:10 - Ice cream and cake. Is it time for Kerry? No. It's baked Alaska. Created in 1876 to honor Alaska. Ice cream topped with flaming meringue. Does anyone make this anymore? Raspberry sorbet covered with vanilla ice cream, covered in spongey almond cake, brushed with chartruese liquor, meringue, and set on fire.

7:12 - Crazy ice cream cakes! Surely this is Ke... no, it's Carvel. Fudgey the Whale. And now we're talking about Dolly Madison. The first lady, not the maker of Zingers.

7:13 - It's Kerry! The zombie prom queen ice cream cake, while fab, might be a bit terrifying to viewers expecting that Marc Summers-style show.

7:14 - Kerry told us that she didn't get to make her own ice cream for the shoot, and that cause problems with the assembly. Store-bought ice cream doesn't have the same texture. Yep, looks a little gooey. But dear. I mean, deer.

Who wants ice cream and venison?

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