Local Chefs Answer: How Are You Spending Thanksgiving?

Happy Thanksgiving! | Tim Stackton
Happy Thanksgiving! | Tim Stackton

Thanksgiving is a holiday that celebrates food like no other. And that, in our opinion, makes it the best. There are no presents to be bought, lights to be strung or menorahs to be lit (well, except this year). The focus is strictly on food, wine, family and friends. In honor of this most special of days, we reached out to some local star chefs to find out how they will be spending this turkey day.

Find out who's working, what these chefs' favorite traditions are, and who's just ordering Chinese.

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Gut Check: Besides time with family and friends, what are you most looking forward to this Thanksgiving?

Josh Galliano, The Libertine It's hard to describe what I'm looking forward to this Thanksgiving. The first will be the take-out Chinese food. The second is in the realm of peace of mind. I get a day that I don't have to think of the restaurant because it's closed. This is slightly different than just a day off because there are no sales reps calling, or orders to be placed, or menus to write since everyone is also off for the day.

Mathew Unger, Mathew's Kitchen Cooking with my dad. I love cooking with my dad. At first it was hard to take direction from him. I am so used to running my own kitchen and having things done the way I want them done. Through the years I have learned that he is the "chef "of his kitchen. I do what I am told and give advice when I am asked.... Always with a glass of wine in hand! The evolution of cooking with both my mom and my dad has truly been one of the most thrilling parts of my life.

Rick Lewis, Quincy Street Bistro In addition to being thankful for the time spent with my family, I enjoy having other people cook for me. It tastes better that way and brings me back to my childhood. I don't get that luxury much anymore. I also enjoy being in a room of family, free from responsibilities, and enjoying heaping plates of food, and thanking God for all we've been given and blessed with.

Kevin Nashan, Sidney Street Café "My family and I will be spending the day with our friends at Operation Food Search, and after that, we go to the Bridge [Church]. It's important for us to do this as a family."

Cassy Vires, Home Wine Kitchen and Table I spend Thanksgiving with my staff! We do Thanksgiving service at Home Wine Kitchen every year, and I love it! It is a great evening for all of us, and when all the guests have left, we all sit down together and have a great meal. I consider these guys my family, so I can't think of a better way to spend the holiday.

Kevin Willmann, Farmhaus My favorite part of Thanksgiving is making the most obsessed-over turkey stock from the bones of the great beast after dinner. It gives me something to stay busy with while everyone else does the food coma-football thing. It sets the stage for some leftover goodness to follow!

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