Local Harvest Cafe & Catering Preparing Vegan Dinner for Al Gore's Weekend Visit to St. Louis

Feb 7, 2013 at 12:30 pm
Meat-free in St. Louie. - Image via
Meat-free in St. Louie.

On Saturday, February 9, former vice president Al Gore will visit St. Louis County Library Headquarters (1640 South Lindbergh Boulevard, Frontenac; 314-994-3300) to talk about his new book The Future: Six Drivers of Global Change.

Late yesterday afternoon, Local Harvest Cafe & Catering (3137 Morganford Road; 314-772-8815) announced via its Facebook page that it will cater a vegan dinner for Gore and his staff on Saturday evening.

Curious to learn more, Gut Check called Local Harvest co-owner Patrick Horine.

Our first question: Wait, is Al Gore vegan?

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Horine wasn't sure if Gore has adopted a totally vegan diet, but he did say the former VP requested a vegan, nut-free and oil-free menu.

"One of his staff members contacted us last week about his visit to St. Louis," Horine says. "They had some fairly precise dietary restrictions, told us what they were and asked us to come back with a menu. We did and they approved it."

The menu for Mr. Gore was developed by chef Clara Moore, Local Harvest's former executive chef who announced plans in December to move to Seattle. Horine says Moore is still working with Local Harvest in a part-time capacity until her move later this month.

Dishes to be served include roasted carrot bisque with radish kimchi, smoked butternut squash puttanesca over lemon-scented Missouri wild rice and quinoa-stuffed dolmas with raisins and mint.

Horine says that his business partner, Local Harvest co-owner Maddie Earnest, will be delivering dinner to Gore and his staff -- and obviously, is looking forward to meeting the former vice president.

Curious to try the meat-free, VP-approved menu? Local Harvest's Tower Grove location will be serving the vegan dinner special to guests this weekend, too. Hey, if you can't dine with Al Gore, at least you can in spirit.