Made in America?

Jul 2, 2007 at 10:18 am


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Flag of convenience?

Flag of convenience?

Lots of teeth-gnashing over the weekend about the source of our food -- and other products, most notably toothpaste. It may be distributed by an American company, but it could have been manufactured in China. Shocking!

The most recent cause for concern, as I detailed in a post on Friday, is seafood. The FDA last week banned certain seafood imports from China. In case you missed the latest update, China -- predictably -- is protesting the FDA's decision.

A very good article in today's New York Times about food labeling in general. Several years ago, Congress passed legislation mandating that meat, produce and nuts include labels to indicate their countries of origin; currently, only seafood must include this information. Various interest groups have worked to prevent the enforcement of the legislation. (Registration required.)

On the subject of food origins: If you haven't read my colleague Kristen Hinman's piece from last year on one woman's efforts to make Missouri-specific appellations for wine and other products, you should. A very interesting look at a complicated, but important, subject.

-Ian Froeb