Marc Maron Ends His Love/Hate Relationship With Clementine's Creamery

It's over. - Screengrab via Instagram
Screengrab via Instagram
It's over.

The short-lived love affair between podcast host Marc Maron and St. Louis’ Clementine’s Creamery has ended.

Maron flipped out over the tasty treats sent to him from Clementine’s Creamery earlier this month and was excited for the chance to sample indulgent ice cream flavors like Salted Cracker Caramel, Rugelach, Sufganiyot, Italian Butter Cookie and even Challah Bread Pudding.

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But too much of a good thing is often just too much. As we explained a couple of weeks ago, Maron is an ice cream enthusiast, but he’s also paranoid about gaining weight so a gift of a dozen pints of ice cream is a torturous treat.

When addressing his audience in a new podcast episode that debuted yesterday, Maron explained that the sweet stuff just had to go:

“You know what helped me the other day? I actually had to throw away some ice cream. I know it sounds harsh, it sounds crazy. But I had to do it. I had to throw away some ice cream. Shit was getting crazy. Clementine’s in St. Louis sent me all this fuckin’ rich and amazing ice cream and, uh, it turned on me. I couldn’t taste the difference between anything anymore and all I could taste was just a spoonful of self-hatred every time I ate it. And I don’t think that’s a good promo: ‘It’s like a warm spoonful of self-hatred with each bite.’ [Laughs like Heh heh heh.] Isn’t that most fuckin’ good food? Hey look, whatever. I made it through. I’m back on it. I worked out yesterday. Went on my hike.”

The way we see it, this is a win-win situation:

Win number 1:
It’s always good to know your limits, so congratulations to Maron for realizing his ice cream stockpile no longer brought him joy.

Win number 2: More ice cream for us.

Maron's video talking about the ice cream's arrival is below.

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