Marc Maron Flips Out Over a Delivery from Clementine’s Creamery

Noted ice cream enthusiast and podcast host Marc Maron just received a big shipment of ice cream from St. Louis’ Clementine’s Creamery.

Maron, who is also a comedian and actor, was blessed with a large sampling of Clementine’s best flavors, including Salted Cracker Caramel, Rugelach, Sufganiyot, Italian Butter Cookie and even Challah Bread Pudding flavor, which is not yet available on the Clementine’s website, but we’re hoping it’s coming soon.

In addition to being obsessed with ice cream, Maron is also a self-confessed binge eater who is also paranoid about putting on weight, so a gift from Clementine’s seems to feel to him like both a blessing and a curse.

Maron posted a picture of the Clementine’s haul yesterday and then mentioned it this morning on his regular Instagram Live stream. As he walked through his house on the live stream, he pulled open the drawer of his home freezer and discussed his conflicting feelings on the delivery with viewers as they commented.

"Here look at this, this is going to be a problem," Maron said. "This is from Clementine’s in St. Louis ... They’re all fuckin’ different flavors. Uh … just insane fuckin’ flavors in there. Challah bread pudding, gooey butter cake, madagascar vanilla, salted cracker carmel. Fuckin’ nuts. It’s not what I need, really. It’s not gonna help me. I tried to manage it last night, but some of that shit’s gonna have to go. We’re gonna have to get rid of it.”

In addition to joking about becoming an ice cream man to get the tempting treats out of his house, Maron also accidentally dropped a bit of St. Louis gossip when he said, “And I heard from the person who hooked me up this shit said that Andy Cohen’s brother, I think, makes the challah for the ice cream.”

“There’s twelve fuckin’ pints in there. It’s not safe for me. It’s not safe for my heart. It’s not safe for my guts. It’s not safe for my fat. There’s twelve fuckin’ pints in there … and it’s all good,” he said. “I’m gonna have to eat some now. For breakfast.”

We feel you, Marc.

Here's the whole clip, he starts talking about Clementine's at about eight minutes after the video begins.

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Jaime Lees

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