May Sees World's Biggest Bowl of Hummus, Fattest Falafel and Longest Sausage

click to enlarge Ladies and gentlemen, we have a wiener! - Image via
Ladies and gentlemen, we have a wiener!
When historians write the final chapter on May 2010, what will be the top story? The horrendous oil spill still spreading in the Gulf of Mexico? The looming threat of war on the Korean peninsula?

How about a sausage longer than 24 football fields?

That's right: The British website Metro reports that Turija, a village in Serbia-Montenegro, claims to have made a sausage 2,022 meters long.

That, my friends, is a big wiener. In fact, you'd need 7,227.69 foot-long hot dogs to get a wiener that big!

But that's not the only food record to have fallen this month.

Earlier this month, Lebanese cooks worked together to produce over 10 tons of hummus, shattering the previous record, set in Jerusalem.

Apparently, the hummus is part of a long-standing battle between Israel and Lebanon -- no, no, another long-standing battle -- over who should claim hummus as a national dish. Or something. I just want to know how many pita chips were needed to polish off all that hummus.

Finally, possibly as a response to the Lebanese hummus record, this week an Israeli chef based in New York made the world's largest falafel. The chickpea fritter tipped the scales at a smidge over 24 pounds.

Of course, there's a week left in May, and at Gut Check International Headquarters, we're working feverishly to complete our own record-breaking food: the world's smallest sandwich. Here's a sneak peek:
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