Mea Culpa

May 31, 2007 at 10:21 am

Mea culpa, Scott.
Mea culpa, Scott.

Mea culpa, Scott.

Here's an example of the pain-in-the-assitude of a weekly publication schedule:

In this week's review of Acero, I wrote that black truffles are as rare as a Scott Rolen base hit. Poetic exaggeration, sure, but the dude was scuffling.

Key word being "was." I finished with my review on Wednesday of last week. Since then, Rolen has gone 10-for-20 during a six-game hitting streak, raising his average from .215 to .252.

So, Cards fans, please hold your letters. I've seen the error of my ways. (And I'm glad to be proven wrong!)

Also, in yesterday's Small Plates, I misstated the opening of the new Chipotle in Clayton. It opens today, not yesterday. If anyone tried to score a yummy burrito yesterday evening after reading my post: mea culpa.

-Ian Froeb