Missourians Google "Chimichanga" More Than Any Other Food Search Term

Sep 5, 2014 at 9:00 am
YIKES. | Estately
YIKES. | Estately

Missouri ranks all over the place in lots of crazy lists, but the results for the latest survey just may be the strangest. The fine folks over at Estately -- they're the ones who told us how barbecue-crazed we are -- have figured out the top food-related Google searches over the last ten years. Missouri's isn't exactly what you'd expect...

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Apparently, Missourians Google "chimichanga" and "early bird special." We'd think the early bird special would be most popular in Florida, but whatever. As for chimichanga? We can't think of any discussions of chimichangas in the burgeoning St. Louis food scene over the past few years.

There is a possibility, though, that Missourians are Googling "chimichanga" because they don't know what it means and want to find out. That's not really better, though. Hey, it could be worse -- Alaskans Google "cannibalism" (all that cold, you know), and somewhat inexplicably, Californians Google "booger eating."

Many of the states' search terms make sense -- Kansas Googles "Kansas City barbecue," for instance, and New Yorkers Google "cronut" -- but some just defy reason. Montana searches for Irish recipes, Mississippi wants to know how to gain weight and Kentucky is in serious need of Imodium. Oh, and this study also finally proves that Missouri > Illinois, because Illinois searches "Jell-O casserole."

Find the full results here.

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