More Breakfast and Mixology, Fewer Tapas Restaurants in 2011?

click to enlarge Breakfast deserves more attention than this. - Image via
Breakfast deserves more attention than this.
We asked what you do and don't want to see on the St. Louis food scene next year. Ben is hungry for breakfast and better cocktails:
It would be nice to get a few more restaurants giving breakfast the attention it deserves (Rooster, Benton Park Cafe and Winslow's Home aren't enough!), and St. Louis could afford to have a new fresh seafood restaurant. We could also use some more restaurants that do bartending and cocktails the right way (I hate the term "mixologist," but...) -- in-house infused alcohols, old school mixing techniques, hand-cut ice. But my biggest wish for the new year -- I would love to see restaurants FINALLY stop overusing the term "tapas"!
Agreed 100% on tapas, Ben. As far as house-infused alcohols, I know Farmhaus and Milagro Modern Mexican have been playing around with various concoctions.

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