More Whole Foods for St. Louis?

Jan 13, 2012 at 9:00 am

You want to keep a secret? Don't breathe a word of it inside Whole Foods Market (1601 South Brentwood Boulevard, Brentwood; 314-968-7744).

The Brentwood store in particular is so terribly laid out and so perpetually packed that you can't mutter about the cost of certifiably sustainable salmon without someone clear across the store nodding his head in agreement.

Recently, though, the snatches of conversation we've overheard in the aisles and while checking out have been very intriguing. Specifically, we keep hearing that Whole Foods might be planning to open a third area store -- possibly within the City of St. Louis.

The murmurs have gotten so loud that Gut Check reached out to Whole Foods public relations manager Kate Klotz for comment.

Her response, via email, could be classified as a denial, but it sure does leave a lot of wiggle room: "We have not announced any additional locations in St. Louis. We are experiencing a ton of growth, and I know we are interested in expanding in St. Louis."

So: Whole Foods hasn't announced any new locations in the area,but the company is interested in expansion here. Yeah, Gut Check's going to keep a close eye on this story.

Readers: Where in the city would you put a Whole Foods?