Nestle Invests in Disease-Fighting Food Research

As the Federal Trade Commission cracks down on POM Wonderful for making questionable health claims, the Wall Street Journal reports that food giant Nestle is looking to expand their stake in "functional foods" - foods that might prevent diseases. The company's investing over $500 million into research on the project.

Honey has a lot of health benefits, but not if producers are adding corn syrup and other additives. According to USA Today beekeepers and honey producers in North Carolina are working as "honey police" to bust unscrupulous producers who slap the pure label on altered honey. North Carolina's the latest state to instate regulations to sell pure honey. A dozen other states have created similar laws since last year.

In international food scams the U.K.'s cracking down on restaurants that claim to serve locally-produced food when they're not. The Daily Mail says that a report found that only half of the lamb sold as Welsh lamb in North Wales actually was. So-called homemade apple pies were traced back to grocery stores. Organic and free-range labels have also been scrutinized.

A CNN reporter, after covering numerous executions, takes a look at what death row inmates choose for their last meals.

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