No Reservations! Gut Check's Valentine's Day fast-food experiment

Feb 14, 2013 at 4:00 am
No Reservations! Gut Check's Valentine's Day fast-food experiment
Travis Pitts

It's Valentine's Day, and love is in the air. But also burgers. Love and burgers. And fries. And does Gut Check detect a hint of waffle? We do!

This Valentine's Day, both White Castle and Waffle House are capitalizing on the romantic holiday by offering a (comparatively) upscale couple's dining experience. White Castle debuted its "Love Castle" two decades ago in a few locations and has since expanded the gimmick across the nation. Franchises require reservations for Valentine's Day, and couples that manage to get in are greeted by hearts, flowers, candlelight and romance in a locale best known for drunken chow-downs at 2 a.m.

We couldn't find any local Waffle Houses that were doing anything special for the holiday, but locations in other parts of the country are hosting candlelight meals complete with cloth napkins and "alcohol-free champagne" (sooo...grape juice?). Many WaHos will also offer special menus featuring rib eye, pork chops and the like.

All this got Gut Check thinking about love and fast food. What if Taco Bell staged a Valentine's Day fiesta? What if Sonic encouraged diners to roll up their windows and get steamy after indulging in Chili Cheese Tots? What if Long John Silver's served up oysters on the half-shell?

So we called a handful of local fast-food joints, just to see if we could get them in the mood...

Find out how Wendy's, Taco Bell, Popeyes and others responded to our quest for fast-food romance.