Nora's Is One of the 33 Best Sandwich Shops in the Whole Damn Country

Jan 16, 2017 at 7:20 am
The Tamm Avenue Turkey at Nora's. - PHOTO BY JENNIFER SILVERBERG
The Tamm Avenue Turkey at Nora's.

If you want to try the best sandwich shops in America, you could travel to Chicago and visit Cemitas Puebla and Publican Quality Meats. You could visit Mudgie's in Detroit and Gjusta in Venice, California.

Or you could just go to Dogtown.

Nora's (1136 Tamm Avenue, 314-645-2706) has been earning positive reviews since it opened seven years ago. But a new honor takes things to an even higher level: Thrillist has named the low-key sandwich spot one of the 33 best in the entire country.

Reports Thrillist,
Not gonna lie. The temptation to put a fried brain sandwich from Schottzie's was strong (try it before you die!), but that's but one sandwich worth trying. Chalkboard-lined café Nora’s — which looks like a coffee shop tucked amid the brick-faced buildings of the Dogtown neighborhood — offers up about 20 bread-based arguments for its sandwich dominance. The best of the batch is the ultra-Midwesternly named For Pete's Sake, which pairs house-roasted applewood pork loin with bacon, applesauce, and a blanket of goopy Brie on a hoagie roll.
The only thing we have to question here: "ultra-Midwesternly named"?? What's that supposed to mean? Maybe in Iowa they say "for Pete's sake," but here in St. Louis, we're much more inclined to go with a nice salty f-bomb in place of the "Pete." Still, we'll concur on the important part: It's a damn good sandwich, and a very nice cafe!

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