Oh, Yeah, Your Most Underrated Frozen Treat Is...

Jul 9, 2012 at 3:32 pm
Oh, Yeah, Your Most Underrated Frozen Treat Is...
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Gut Check was so eager to move on from our less-than-glorious attempt at discovering St. Louis' most underrated frozen treat to our quest for the area's most underrated Italian restaurant, that we totally forgot we asked you to tell us what the most underrated frozen dessert (in general, not only in town) is.

Exactly twenty-four readers felt bad enough for us that they played along. The winner, with just under the quarter of the vote, is Italian ice. And let us say: We enjoyed some Italian ice during the recent heat wave, and oh, boy, is it underrated.

Full results after the jump.

Italian ice: 24.14% (7 votes) Sorbet: 17.24% (5 votes) Other: 17.24% (5 votes) Popsicles: 13.79% (4 votes) Semifreddo: 13.79% (4 votes) Sherbet: 13.79% (4 votes)

"Other" included two votes for gelato, one for kulfi (agreed: underrated), one for a Hawaiian-style snow-cone and one for push-up pops.