Ohio Milk Labeling Law Deemed Unconstitutional

A federal court has ruled Ohio's milk labeling law unconstitutional. Food Safety News reports that the ruling came after a two-year legal battle over the state's ban on labeling milk as "rbGH free," "rbST free," or "artificial hormone free". The case is also the first to state that milk from cows not treated with artificial hormones has a different composition than its treated counterpart.

Chef Cat Cora speaks out about bullying and teen suicides to CNN. Cora says that "the word gay is killing our kids," and shares the misery of growing up as a closeted, bullied teen.

A new study links meat consumption to environmental devastation. Reuters covers the research published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, authored by scientists at Canada's Dalhousie University. The report claims that meat consumption needs to be cut 19-42 percent per capita by 2050 just to maintain the status quo.

Unusually heavy September rain in Korea has caused Napa cabbage prices to quadruple. According to the Los Angeles Times, heads of the cabbage are going for $10 in Seoul, creating a crisis in producing kimchi, the nation's staple dish. The federal government has eased tariffs on cabbage imported from China and is subsidizing the small crops from Korean farmers.

Two weeks of Oktoberfest might lead to a beer shortage in Munich, where a record amount of beer was consumed during the annual festival. Speigel Online puts the consumption at seven million liters of beer, topping the previous record of 6.94 liters in 2007. Festival spokesperson Gabriele Papke said, "I've no idea why people drank that much. They were simply thirsty."

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