PBS Tells You How to Host a Food, Inc. Potluck

Apr 20, 2010 at 3:00 pm
click to enlarge Party over Food, Inc. PBS-style! - Image source
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Party over Food, Inc. PBS-style!
Tomorrow night, April 21, PBS (locally, KETC-TV, Channel 9) will be broadcasting the documentary Food, Inc. for the first time as part of its POV documentary series. The network suggests you celebrate this wondrous event by hosting a viewer potluck with all your friends. Just be sure not to serve any Monsanto products!

But would you really want to eat your dinner while watching graphic footage of a chicken farm or slaughterhouse? PBS has proposed a solution:

Some of the scenes in Food, Inc. may be, shall we say, unappetizing to you and your guests, so we suggest that you introduce your guests to each other (if they haven't met), eat your potluck dinner, discuss you and your family's eating/food shopping habits, and then watch the film.

Thanks, PBS! (But since Food, Inc. isn't scheduled to come on till 9:03 p.m., this may be a feasible plan.)

The network's website has also thoughtfully provided a "party checklist" (first thing you do, you send out the invites, and also make sure your A/V equipment is working because it would be really embarrassing to fire up the TV in front of all your friends and realize you forgot to pay your cable bill), discussion questions and, best of all, menu suggestions and recipes, all supplied by friendly bloggers.

If you believe your potluck is particularly awesome, you can post photos of it on PBS' Flickr page or write to them about it for a chance to win a gift basket full of fabulous (and sustainable) prizes.

Gosh. So much pressure! It's enough to make you want to just curl up in your pajamas and watch it all by your lonesome. Better yet, on Netflix, whenever you feel like it.