Peanut Corp. of America Files for Bankruptcy

Feb 14, 2009 at 9:47 am
click to enlarge Peanut Corp. of America Files for Bankruptcy
Wikimedia Commons
In a move that surprises exactly no one, Peanut Corp. of America has filed for bankruptcy. (CNN)

Peanut Corp. of America is the source of the current salmonella outbreak in peanut-butter products. Earlier this week, the state of Texas ordered a recall of everything ever shipped from the company's plant there, while the company's head took the fifth while appearing before a Congressional hearing.

One upshot of the bankruptcy filing? According to a consumer advocate, as quoted in the CNN article:
"PCA's declaration of bankruptcy will, among other things, shield it from liability suits filed by consumers who became sick or whose loved ones died as a result of eating PCA's peanut products."