Pho Longer Just Pho

Jun 28, 2007 at 1:45 pm

Someone please buy me this sign for Xmas.

When I reviewed Pho Long in November of last year, the tiny restaurant at 8613 Olive Boulevard offered a menu of pho and hardly anything else. (There were spring rolls and a few desserts, I think.) I stopped by for lunch recently to discover that the menu has expanded, if only slightly. Now you can order one of three entrées: a pork chop, a flank steak and salt-and-pepper shrimp.

I opted for the shrimp, which costs $10.95. They were lightly battered and just fantastic, not at all greasy. They came with green onion, jalapeño and thick slices of ginger. The sauce seemed to be salt and pepper in lime juice. It was incredibly intense, tart and very salty. There was only a few tablespoons worth of it, so I didn't mind the saltiness, but if you're sensitive to salt, watch out.

For those following Gut Check's continuing fascination with durian: Pho Long also offers durian smoothies. Um, pass.

(And, yes, I know that the proper pronunciation of pho sort of rhymes with "duh," not "no." But the visual pun is too easy to skip. For a pronunciation-correct pun, please check the tags below.)

-Ian Froeb