Pho, Watermelon and Kebabs You Can't Afford

This pho costs more than your first car. - House of An
House of An
This pho costs more than your first car.

Food costs continue to rise, and they're not coming down. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development issued a grim report that predicts a 30 percent rise in food costs over the next decade.

Oh, screw it! Let's buy crazy expensive versions of foods that shouldn't be crazy expensive!

Southern California eateries AnQi, Crustacean and Tiato are offering a $5,000 bowl of pho, filled with poached foie gras, the highest grade of Kobe beef, Alba truffles and, thanks to the magic of molecular gastronomy, noodles made from blue lobster.

At least it's not just in the name of luxe frivolity. House of An Restaurant Group, the company that owns the three restaurants, is donating the proceeds to the Bash House, a charity that assists children's hospitals.

Can't afford the pho? Kebabs are always a good, cheap option, especially in the UK where they're the post-bar street food of choice.

British chef Andy Bates even created a special kebab for the British debut of The Great Food Truck Challenge. His version uses milk-fed Pyrenees lamb, saffron bread, Champagne-infused yogurt sauce and an edible gold garnish. The kebab only costs $1,227.

Sure, add edible gold to anything if you want it to break the price records. In Japan, a Densuke watermelon sold for $3,740 at auction. It's really a bargain for the black melon whose prices peaked at $8,100 four years ago. Why? Apparently, it's really, really crisp and sweet.

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