Pizza Hut UK Rolls Out Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza

Pizza Hut UK Rolls Out Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza
Image via Pizza Hut

Gimmicky fast food chain foodstuffs are usually mildly horrifying, so much so that we at Gut Check are often desensitized (read: curious but unfazed) by their absurdity. Then, every once in awhile, a fast food Frankenstein comes along that's too unholy not to marvel at.

This week, when Gut Check learned of Pizza Hut UK's new hot dog stuffed crust pizza, we were equal parts ecstatic and disgusted. When first tipped off to this meaty monstrosity debuting across the pond, we were confused: Why did Pizza Hut, a U.S-based company, choose to launch this obscene product in the U.K.? In case you didn't know because you're Italian, Pizza Hut, America is the land of hot dogs, binge eating and having food delivered to our faces. How dare you launch a product so perfect for the American market in a place where they call French fries chips. Though we're mostly intrigued by the concept of pizza crust housing hot dogs, the off-putting description of its companion "mustard drizzle" kind of killed it for us. Also see: This eerily reminds us of a certain fictional food item from 30 Rock.

No word from Pizza Hut yet about whether or not the company will release the product domestically, but if they do, expect more earnest reporting and field research from Gut Check.

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