Poisoned Candy, Free Lifetime KFC, and Other Halloween Food Horrors

Oct 29, 2010 at 7:00 am

What's scarier - urban legends about psychos contaminating Halloween candy with poison and sharp things, or dressing up as Colonel Sanders to win a lifetime supply of KFC? The Atlantic debunks spooky tales of razor blades and cyanide in treats, giving evidence that most "Halloween sadist" stories are hoaxes, or can be linked to family members of the unfortunate kids. Eater.com has info about the sadists at KFC, who will award 2,600 $5 gift certificates to the person in the best Colonel Sanders costume for Halloween. Which is terrifying.

Also scary? Meaty cocktails. The New York Daily News tells a scary tale of mixologists, encouraged by a rum company to create a cocktail for National Sandwich Day on November 3. The winner - evil booze genius Trevor Burnett, of Tipicular Fixin's in Toronto created the rum-based Cheeseburger. That's "a beef stock reduction layered with muddled Roma tomatoes and fresh iceberg lettuce water. It's garnished with an aged cheddar frico (a type of cheese crisp) and kosher dill pickle." It also has mustard powder and toasted bread crumbs. The horror.

Don't be afraid of unfamiliar fish. Six of the ten most popular fish in the U.S. are illegal to fish because of diminished supplies, so it's time to venture into uncharted waters. The Wall Street Journal removes some of the mystery from species like cuttlefish, sheepshead, and bearded brotula. Chefs have to work harder to sell these varieties because diners are afraid of ugly fish, hard-to-pronounce fish, and often, fish that tastes like fish.