Porcinis to Die For.

Sep 2, 2010 at 7:00 am

Good enough to die for? Eighteen Italian mushroom-foragers have died in ten days. According to the Guardian, it's not the mushrooms that are deadly; it's the terrain. Weather conditions this have have led to an explosion of porcinis in mountainous northern Italy, which has led to exceptionally competitive foragers who are making unsafe choices and dying from falls.

The food fight between locavores and conventional food fans rages in Chicago, according to the Chicago Tribune. Locavores claims their diets are more environmentally-friendly. Conventionals argue that relying solely on local supplies could lead to shortages. A University of Chicago geophysicist will use three years of research on Chicago eaters to find out which side is right.

Salon has a story of immortal food that refuses to die. In light of another project illustrating the unspoilability of McDonald's food - The Happy Meal Project - they look at what makes the food so permanent. It's not just the preservatives. It's the fat.

Have some kale and a smile. Advertising Age reports that Coca-Cola has purchased a Japanese health drink company. While it's unlikely that we'll see the company's kale-based health beverages in the U.S., Coke has a long history of beverage experimentation in the Japanese market.