Pretzelmaker Gives Away Freebies Today for National Pretzel Day

Pretzelmaker Gives Away Freebies Today for National Pretzel Day
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Isn't every day Pretzel Day, when you think about it?

Well, not every day is officially National Pretzel Day, when Pretzelmaker shops give away pretzels and morning newsfolk make idiots of themselves while attempting to knot dough on camera.

For some people Pretzel Day is a reason to go on living, dammit.

Locally, the two Pretzelmaker locations at Mid-Rivers Mall will be giving away pretzels today, and they're encouraging customers to sing for them.

The Pretzelmaker in Concourse C at Lambert Airport was slated to hand out free pretzels. If you go there and sing, expecting free stuff, don't be surprised if you get stabbed with a glass shard, and rightfully so.

St. Louisan Morrion J. Henderson, better known as Goofy Boi, has already sung for his Pretzelmaker pretzel. But he had to chip in two bucks for his.

Elsewhere, a has-been from So You Think You Can Dance gives instructions on how to dance for your pretzel.

This morning Fox and Friends twisted Philly-style pretzel dough kinda the way they twist the facts. The dough was also beaten and harassed.

These pretzels are making Gut Check thirsty.

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