P'sghetti's Iscariot: Four Places Billy Corgan Should Have Eaten in SoCo

Billy Corgan needs some direction in south county. We are here to help!
Billy Corgan needs some direction in south county. We are here to help!

As briefly reported over at STLtoday by Joe Holleman, Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan somehow ended up at P'sghetti's (5540 South Lindbergh Boulevard; 314-849-5332) in south county last Thursday, prior to his show at the Chaifetz Arena.

This caused Gut Check to wonder: Who decided it'd be a good idea to schlep the pensive Pumpkin to south freakin' county for cold-cut sandwiches?

Now, P'sghetti's cutesy name, fast-and-loose approach to the noble apostrophe and famous sweet bread are what Gut Check might call "an acquired taste," which is a nice way of saying we haven't acquired it. Be that as it may, the vast majority of of south-county natives love P'sghetti's and don't give a hoot about punctuation marks, and as we learned in our high school German classroom right down the road from P'sghetti's, das ist Geschmackssache.

Most perplexing is that Corgan was in the heart of SoCo, literally walking distance away from far tastier dining destinations. Intimately acquainted as we are with the intersection of Tesson Ferry Road and South Lindbergh Boulevard, we offer four of the best options.

White Castle (5615 South Lindbergh Boulevard; 314-842-2733) Why to go: If homesick for Chicago, will be soothing. Plus, the inside of this location is always neat as a pin. What to order: Be a pal, and get a couple Crave Cases for the crew.

Inside Bartolino's South. - Courtesy Bartolino's
Courtesy Bartolino's
Inside Bartolino's South.

Schottzie's (11428 Concord Village Avenue; 314-842-7244) Why to go: A moose wearing a Cardinals hat and Mardi Gras beads. Waitresses who call you hon. Dark and unassuming. A moose wearing a Cardinals hat and Mardi Gras beads. What to order: Pizza's a sure thing, as is the house salad served with house dressing and soft pretzel. Brain sandwiches are served here too, but given Corgan's recently opened vegan-friendly tea café in Highland Park, Illinois (and his lifelong adoration for the Cubs), this choice seems unlikely.

Bartolino's South (5914 South Lindbergh Boulevard; 314-487-4545) Why to go: This restaurant is about as nice as it gets in SoCo, the one people go to on birthdays and anniversaries that end in 0 or 5. You might run into some of south county's rock stars -- high-rollin' car-dealership owners and such -- and, Billy, they will have no idea who you are. What to order: Don't know. Too fancy-pants for types like us. Maybe someday...sigh.

Hessler's Pub and Grill (11804 Tesson Ferry Road; 314-842-4050) Why to go: This space has been favorably compared to drinking in a buddy's basement. Beers are cheap, and there's sometimes a karaoke stage set up in the back room should the inspiration strike for an impromptu concert. Which would go down as the single greatest thing to happen to south county, ever. What to order: Lunch specials are a reliable bargain at $5.95. But back to that concert idea...

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