Reminder: It's Free Slurpee Day!

       Happy Birthday 7-Eleven! | 7-Eleven
       Happy Birthday 7-Eleven! | 7-Eleven

Today in free food news, we've got two things that are absolutely delicious but probably not very good for you and definitely not organic. 7-Eleven is celebrating its 86th birthday today (it's 7/11...we see what you did there) by offering a free 12 ounce Slurpee from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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The convenience store was actually founded in 1927, but they've been doing the free Slurpee thing since 2002. "7-Eleven Day, July 11, occurs at the approximate midpoint of summer and the Slurpee season when summer fun is in high gear. It also marks a milestone for 7-Eleven when we raise a collective Slurpee toast and dance a crazy dance to celebrate our birthday and all things 7-Eleven," says 7-Eleven's Laura Gordon in a press release. She also went on to use a hashtag in a sentence, but we'll spare you from that.

Since iced drinks are a very important part of summer, you might like to know that the slushy was first invented in the late 1950s by the company that became ICEE. 7-Eleven began licensing the ICEE slushies in 1967 but had to use a different name, and the Slurpee was born.

Another company is also having a birthday. Krispy Kreme (1871 Bowles Avenue, Fenton, 636-349-9988) is turning 76 this year, so on Saturday, July 13, you can get a dozen glazed Krispy Kremes for 76 cents when you buy a dozen at full price. Krispy Kreme was founded in 1937 in North Carolina, and one of its most-recognizable symbols is the "Hot Now" sign. The company calls it "a beacon of golden delicious tastes," which we're pretty sure is the most accurate description ever.

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