Repackaged Industrial Ground Beef Recalled

Jan 12, 2011 at 7:00 am

The USDA has ordered a ground beef recall. Ozarks First reports that 226,000 pounds of hamburgers have been recalled by One Great Burger in New Jersey. The company, which mainly sells to institutional customers, allegedly repackaged meat that had been returned to them, changing the date on the packaging. Customers in California and Oregon complained after receiving discolored, spoiled meat from One Great Burger.

Perhaps One Great Burger could use some new technology to prevent such mistakes. There are plenty of kitchen gadgets at this year's Consumer Electronics Show. Zagat rounds up their favorite food tools at the show, including an iPad-ified meat thermometer, cans of soup that heat themselves, automated appliances, and a fridge equipped with a Twitter-ready touch pad.

But where to put all this stuff? The New York Times explores the wee home kitchens of some of the city's biggest chefs.

Ancient Armenian winemakers probably don't like Yelpers any more than modern restaurateurs. Vanity Fair plays with what Yelp reviews for the recently-discovered 6000-year-old winemaking operation might say. "DO NOT GO HERE!!! I tried to take my woman here to celebrate the hunt, and it was PACKED!!! I was told to wait until The Brightness was no longer in the sky, and I did, and I waited until The Brightness came back up again before finally getting a table. AVOID, AVOID!!"