Restaurant Tidbit: La Dolce Via

Dec 12, 2007 at 1:19 pm

Can we agree that New Year's Eve just sucks and that you never have as much fun as you think you should - or, if you are the more extroverted type, pretend to? Thanks.

Moving on...

In order to make New Year's Eve suck a little less this year, La Dolce Via is offering a special prix fixe dinner December 31. In case you haven't been following, Ian raved last year over the Forest Park Southeast bakery's dinner service, and the RFT declared it 2007's best-kept restaurant secret. For $65 a head, you will get a three or five-course dinner (the menu hasn't been determined yet), wine with every course and three or four desserts.

(Again, if you haven't been following, La Dolce Via serves some of the best baked goods in St. Louis and quite possibly the entire world.)

You will also get candlelight, good music, friendly service and the satisfaction that comes from supporting a local, family-run business. Together, this will generate a happy glow and may possibly even get you laid, which is, let's face it, the point of all that stupid New Year's revelry anyway.

-Aimee Levitt