Restaurant Tidbit, With Mea Culpa

Sep 5, 2007 at 4:24 pm

Sorry for the lack of updates today. I'm currently engaged in a prolonged battle with the evil Deadline. Regular posting will resume soon. The new issue is out, though not online as of yet. Links to come.

One restaurant tidbit: Judging by the news of a "sneak preview" in my mailbox this week, the difficult-to-pronounce restaurant ~Scape should be opening soonish in the Central West End's Maryland Plaza. No exact date, but the sneak preview is scheduled for the end of September. The restaurant is a bistro. More details as I learn them. And if anyone visits the sneak preview, let us know what you see.

-Ian Froeb

EDIT: Whoa. I had some seriously embarrassing typos there. Thanks for not noticing. Yesterday kinda sucked.