Review Preview: El Scorcho

The décor is straight-up Tex-Mex kitsch: cowboy hats on the wall, Mexican prayer candles on the bar, a few stools in the shape of saddles. A portrait of Jesus wearing his crown of thorns hangs crookedly on the wall just inside the front door; the juxtaposition of this image with the mounted jackalope head above the front door is downright surreal. The kitsch extends to the menu. Some items feature sophomoric Spanglish names ("Pulled Porko," "Maco & Cheeso"), others cheeky annotations (scrawled next to baked beans is a certain rhyme we all learned in elementary school).

So that's the décor at El Scorcho. How's the food? You know the drill. Check back here tomorrow to find out what I think.

-Ian Froeb

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