Review Preview: Sameem Afghan Restaurant

Sep 11, 2012 at 8:00 am
Review Preview: Sameem Afghan Restaurant
Jennifer Silverberg

This week, I visit Sameem Afghan Restaurant (4341 Manchester Avenue; 314-534-9500), a South Grand favorite which, after an almost two-year hiatus, reopened in the Grove this January.

Waiting for my lunch during a recent visit to the reborn Sameem Afghan Restaurant, I heard the voice of owner Qayum Mohammad boom out from behind the closed kitchen door: "This is really good!" There was some cross-talk, the clatter of cooking and then he exclaimed again, "It's really good!"

The kitchen door swung open and Mohammad strode toward my table -- I was the only customer in the place at the moment -- bearing a small plate and a big smile. "Try this," he said.

The plate held a dip of some sort and a couple of thick wedges of Afghan bread. I dragged a piece of bread through the dip and took a bite.

"It's really good, isn't it?"

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