Review Preview: Sammy Scott's

Feb 8, 2010 at 2:01 pm
This week I visit Sammy Scott's, a new, homegrown fast-casual restaurant in Creve Coeur (12766 Olive Boulevard; 314-439-5100).

Review Preview: Sammy Scott's
Jennifer Silverberg
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New fast-casual restaurants appear seemingly overnight in suburban strip malls and on prime downtown corners alike, each slickly branded, its process so fine-tuned that its first day of operation runs nearly as smoothly as the 1,000th, as if the restaurant wasn't designed and built but grown in tubes like the human Na'vi in Avatar.

Which makes it more impressive that into this crowded marketplace a new, homegrown contender has entered: Sammy Scott's. There is only one Sammy Scott's so far, tucked into a Creve Coeur strip mall, in a shopping plaza that also offers Qdoba, Jimmy John's and Crazy Bowls & Wraps. But Sammy Scott's seems destined to expand. The website ( already features a "store locator," and its slogan could double as a sales pitch to potential franchisees: "Cravable Comfort Food."
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