Review Preview: The Beerhouse

May 17, 2011 at 9:00 am
click to enlarge The Beerhouse, inside River City Casino
The Beerhouse, inside River City Casino
This week, I take a very strange trip to The Beerhouse at River City Casino (777 River City Casino Boulevard, South St. Louis County; 314-388-7777).

On a balmy evening in early May, I drive down South Broadway -- south South Broadway: scrapyards to my left, ramshackle storefronts to my right, here and there a sliver of the swollen Mississippi visible between rooftops and storage tanks -- and then hang a left on River City Casino Boulevard toward another world altogether. I don't mean the casino itself. Its smoky clamor will be familiar to hardcore gambler and curious punter alike. No, the name of this strange new world is The Beerhouse, one of the restaurants inside River City. (When the casino opened last year, this was called the 1904 Beerhouse; the 1904 designation now belongs to the casino's steakhouse.) A meal here might be the most surreal dining experience currently on offer in St. Louis.
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