Review Preview: The Blind Tiger

Feb 25, 2014 at 9:00 am
click to enlarge The Blind Tiger in Maplewood | Jennifer Silverberg
The Blind Tiger in Maplewood | Jennifer Silverberg

The Crow's Nest owner Mike McLaughlin is at it again in Maplewood, this time with the Blind Tiger (7376 Manchester Road, Maplewood; 314-646-8822), a pizza, ribs and whiskey speakeasy on the prime corner of Manchester and Sutton.

McLaughlin and his team take advantage of this space to host private events -- they've done everything from rehearsal dinners to a fort-making contest. However, as our server explained, the Blind Tiger wants its main focus to be the food.

This week, I visit the Blind Tiger to check out its small but eclectic menu. Here is a sneak preview of my thoughts -- the full review will be online tomorrow and in this week's issue.

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The Blind Tiger occupies the spot on the corner of Manchester and Sutton that was formerly the Jumpin' Jupiter cabaret and in addition to operating as a restaurant, is a private events space that has already established a robust business. As a former server who has moved my fair share of furniture, I get that constantly setting up and breaking down events is a pain. However, I assumed that veteran bar owner Mike McLaughlin (of the Crow's Nest and the Bleeding Deacon fame) would have performed some serious feng shui on the place to make it a little more like its namesake - a "blind tiger," the Prohibition-era term for a speakeasy. Some well thought-out furniture, a curtain - anything to give the place the cozy, clandestine vibe that the name implies - would have made it seem less cavernous.

The fact that the ambiance is so off is a shame, because the Blind Tiger serves great food.

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