Review Preview: The Shack PubGrub

A burger at the Shack PubGrub - Ian Froeb
Ian Froeb
A burger at the Shack PubGrub

This week I visit the Shack PubGrub (3818 Laclede Avenue; 314-533-7000). It could only be more convenient for SLU students if meals there were included with tuition. But will it find broader appeal?

Maybe you could engineer a sandwich more capable of quelling a hangover than the Shack-Which, but why bother, when the Shack-Which already exists? The sheer size of the thing is overwhelming: two slices of lightly toasted rustic French bread, each by itself the size of a dinner plate (OK, a smallish dinner plate, but still), bracketing a meat of your choice -- and your options are numerous: steak, chicken (grilled, blackened or fried), turkey, pastrami, pulled pork, pork belly, ham or bacon and egg -- oozing with melted provolone and topped with piquant cole slaw, tomato slices and a heap of crisp, thick-cut french fries.

Yes, you read that right: The fries are part of the sandwich.

But wait. There's more.

Visit Gut Check tomorrow morning to read my review and to see Jennifer Silverberg's slideshow of the Shack PubGrub.

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