Review Preview: Wapango
That name again is Mr. Plow.

If you're like me, you've already got your Black Friday equipment all revved up. This year I've opted for one of those extra-wide Costco shopping carts — the Hummer H2 of shopping carts — with a plow attached to the front and netting along the side to catch all the loot people drop as I push them aside.

But racing through the aisles to grab that last $5 MP3 player or whatever this year's special sale is will probably work up your appetite. Where to eat in the culinary wasteland that is your local shopping mall? Well, if your local shopping mall happens to be the Westfield Chesterfield, you can give the new "pan-Latin experience" Wapango a try. It's as flashy as every other higher-end mall restaurant, but there's some substance to match the style. Check out my review here.

-Ian Froeb

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