Salmonella Found in Ground Turkey [Updated 2x]

Aug 4, 2011 at 6:45 am
Turkey meat is grounds for concern. - Image via
Turkey meat is grounds for concern.
Update #2: (Thursday, August 4, 6:45 a.m.) Meat processor Cargill yesterday announced a voluntary recall of 36 million pounds of ground turkey produced at its Springdale, Arkansas, processing plant and sold under the "Honeysuckle White" brand. As of now, according to the New York Times, 76 persons have become ill and one has died from ground turkey tainted with antibiotic-resistant Salmonella Heidelberg bacteria.

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Update: (Wednesday, August 3, 7:15 a.m.) The New York Times reports on a possible source of the salmonella outbreak:

Federal officials said the evidence found so far pointed to a single ground turkey factory, but they declined to identify it or the company involved.

However, the meat processor Cargill said that it had been contacted by the Agriculture Department and asked to provide information as part of the salmonella investigation.

The Times also reports that this strain of salmonella is resistant to antibiotics.


Make sure you cook your turkey burgers till they're well-done: The USDA has issued a public-health alert after a salmonella outbreak in ground turkey that has sickened at least 77 persons across 26 states, reports USA Today:
So far neither USDA nor CDC have been able to determine the producer of the ground turkey that has been causing the illnesses, but the investigation continues.
The USDA advises you to cook and/or reheat ground turkey to 165 degrees. Gut Check advises you to opt for a light meal of, say, bread and fresh fruit instead of a turkey burger. It's too hot today to eat meat.