Salume Beddu Salumificio and Salumeria to Open This Week

Apr 19, 2010 at 1:02 pm
Salume Beddu Salumificio and Salumeria to Open This Week
Robin Wheeler

Although he's not sure which day, Mark Sanfilippo -- profiled in last week's Chef's Choice column on Gut Check -- confirms that Salume Beddu Salumificio and Salumeria, the storefront location of the two-year-old artisan meat company, will be open for business next week. The shop is located at 3467-9 Hampton Avenue, in the unassuming green strip mall catty-corner from Malle's. Sanfilippo and partner Ben Poremba are still deciding what the store's hours will be.

The shop already sports a huge table made from salvaged, century-old wood. It'll be used for tastings. Staples such as imported pasta, olive oils, vinegars and preserves already line the shelves. Sanfilippo plans to add more products as he finds suppliers.

The kitchen space covers half of the business and will be ground zero for cured-meat production. The space includes a customized curing room where salamis already hang.

As locals have learned, Salume Beddu's all about the meat. Until now it's only been available through farmers' markets, the Fair Shares CSA and via special arrangement. Now walk-in customers can get their fix at the shop.

Salume Beddu Salumificio and Salumeria 3467-9 Hampton Avenue