Sanctuaria's Joel Clark Creates the Schweddy Ball Fizz Cocktail

click to enlarge Sanctuaria's Joel Clark Creates the Schweddy Ball Fizz Cocktail
Sarah Baraba

Gut Check tried Schweddy Balls ice cream last week. We found the gimmicky ice cream to be surprisingly tasty!

Meanwhile, the name of the flavor alone has left a bad taste in these ladies' mouths: One Million Moms has started a letter-writing campaign and boycott to pressure Ben & Jerry's into stopping distribution of Schweddy Balls. Of course, in its statement, the organization mentions Ben & Jerry's tendency toward "offending customers," citing the "special edition of Chubby Hubby called Hubby Hubby last year which celebrated gay marriage."

Well, ladies. No one's shoving gay ice cream or Schweddy Balls down your throat. In fact, we had to call every store in town and trek 25 miles just to find a pint of the Schweddy stuff. If it's so offensive, don't eat it. More for us.

The Million Moms' complete lack of humor drove us to drink, and the rum flavor laced into this dessert led Gut Check to an inevitable conclusion: This would taste great with booze!

We challenged Sanctuaria's spirits guide Joel Clark to craft a cocktail using the SNL-inspired sweet treat. Clark delivered, mixing a frothy, citrus-hinted, milk shake-like libation that he dubbed the Schweddy Ball Fizz.

The very festive Schweddy Ball Fizz. - Sarah Baraba
Sarah Baraba
The very festive Schweddy Ball Fizz.

Schweddy Ball Fizz

2 oz. white rum 1 oz. simple syrup .5 oz. orange juice .5 oz. lemon juice 1 egg white 1 heaping tbsp Ben & Jerry's Schweddy Balls ice cream 2 dashes Angostura bitters 1 dash white crème de cacao club soda

Combine ingredients (except club soda) and shake over ice.

Strain into a collins glass.

Top off with club soda.

Garnish with scoop of Schweddy Balls ice cream.

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