Sara Lee, Aldi, Other Breads Recalled for Possible Presence of Wire

Feb 20, 2013 at 8:30 am

What strikes Gut Check as a statistically improbable run of products recalled because of the possible presence of foreign objects continues.

BBU, Inc. has issued a voluntary recall of several different brands of bread because of the possible presence of flexible wire. According to the press release announcing the recall (via the FDA), the wire's presence is the result of a "faulty screen at a third party flour mill".

Never heard of BBU? You might have heard of Bimbo; BBU is Bimbo Bakeries U.S.A. And you almost certainly have heard of some of the brands involved in the recall.

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According to BBU, the recall doesn't involve products currently on the shelves. However, with best-by dates as late as February 20, consumers might still have purchased products on hand.

The recalled breads distributed in Missouri and Illinois, all with a best-by dates up to and including February 20, are the following:

Aldi L'Oven Fresh Hearty 12 Grain Brownberry Healthfull [sic] 45 Calories Per Slice Multigrain Brownberry Dutch Country 100% Whole Grain Brownberry Grains & More Double Protein Brownberry Healthfull Nutty Grain Earthgrains 12 Grain Natural Bread Sara Lee 12 Grain Bread Hearty & Delicious

You can view the complete list of recalled products at the FDA website.