Schnucks Chesterfield Undergoing Extensive Renovations, Will Remain Open

Schnucks (141 Hilltown Village Center, Chesterfield; 636-532-2505) in Chesterfield will undergo an extensive remodel over the next few months to update the store according to the neighborhood's needs. Construction began earlier this month and is set to be completed early next year.

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Schnucks spokesperson Paul Simon tells Gut Check that the store has been due for a remodel for a while. One of the new features will be a food bar for quick and easy meals, especially lunch. There will also be a smoke-and-fire grill in the deli area, a cheese island with domestic and international cheeses and a kosher bakery -- which will be one of only a handful in Schnucks stores around St. Louis.

"We try to cater each store to the neighborhood, so each remodel is different," Simon says. "One thing our store management team there was getting was product requests for more gluten-free items, so the gluten-free section will see a major expansion." The store has also been getting customer requests for more ethnic food items, so that section will be expanded as well.

The remodel will continue through the fall and the holidays, but the store will remain open as usual. "We ask for [customers'] patience through the work, because when it's finished, I think they'll be more than satisfied," Simon says.

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