Seattle Restaurant Celebrates St. Louis Cuisine

Nov 12, 2009 at 9:00 am
Our sister paper Seattle Weekly reports that the 5-Spot, a Seattle restaurant that rotates its menu among regional cuisines, is currently offering a board of St. Louis food: fish fries,T-ravs, slingers -- but no Provel. Apparently the restaurant's general manager and assistant manager both hail from the Gateway City.

Former RFT staff writer and current Seattle Weekly managing editor Mike Seely reports on the menu for the paper's food blog, Voracious:

Amazingly, general manager Rich Gantner also hails from St. Louis (the suburb of Florissant, to be exact). It was Gantner's idea to celebrate his hometown cuisine atop Queen Anne, but he made the curious decision to leave perhaps the Lou's most polarizing delicacy off the menu, that delicacy being Provel cheese.

"We looked at bringing it in, but I don't know that it would be received up here in the Seattle market," explains Gantner. "It's essentially processed cheese, and we try to keep things wholesome and natural."
Read Seely's whole report at Voracious.