Small Plates, Thursday, 10/19

Oct 19, 2006 at 4:04 pm

This dog follows the condiment rule.

A tip of the STLog cap to a commenter named Eric, who let me know that the Pei Wei Asian Diner I mentioned in yesterday's Review Preview post is now open (11430 Olive Boulevard, 314-656-2004).

Know of a place that's opening or about to open? Shoot me an e-mail. I'll rev up the official Cafemobile and head out to investigate.

On a day as cold and cloudy as today, I didn't feel like leaving the RFT's neighborhood, so I strolled by the new Archie's All-American Cafe (6277 Delmar Avenue, 314-726-6190). This sliver of a storefront (next door to Subterranean Books) sells hot dogs and sausages as well as breakfast cereal by the bowl. Almost everything's priced under $3, and there's a useful list of hot-dog dos and don'ts on the front door. Countless men who've cried over ruined neckties will agree with this one: put the condiments on the hot dog, not inside the bun.

-Ian Froeb