Small Plates: Wednesday, 7/11

Jul 11, 2007 at 2:29 pm


Coming soon to South Grand!
Coming soon to South Grand!

Coming soon to South Grand!

Good news for gelato fans and Tower Grove South residents: Downtown gelato parlor the Gelateria will open a second store on South Grand Boulevard. According to owner Dana Sherman, the new store doesn't have a projected opening date yet, but a property has been acquired. For more info on the original Gelateria, check out our listing and my predecessor Rose Martelli's review.

Tired of the ubiquity of chipotles, wasabi and mojitos at chain restaurants? Blame these folks. (New York Times)

It's no land crab or even octosquid, but a 550-pound squid "as long as a bus" has washed up on the Australian shore. Waiting for the obligatory calamari joke? Actually, according to the article, a giant squid contains too much ammonia to be tasty. (AP)

-Ian Froeb