Smile and Say Provel Freese! Imo's Lands Cardinals Third Baseman as Spokesman

Don't let this image fool ya. Freese is elated.
Don't let this image fool ya. Freese is elated.

He grew up chowing down on thin crust pizza at the Imo's in Ballwin. And now David Freese, the Cardinals hometown hero in the 2011 World Series, is the newest spokesperson for St. Louis' most iconic pizza.

"It's always been my favorite pizza, and so I am very excited to now represent this great St. Louis company," said Freese. "Nowhere else can you get that unique, delicious 'square beyond compare' taste than at Imo's. So it won't be difficult for me at all to be the new spokesperson."

Freese is the second pro athlete to serve as the spokesperson for Imo's. Torry Holt, the former wide receiver for the St. Louis Rams, pitched the pizza in television spots in 2011. Will Freese be able to live up to Holt's stellar on-air work (below)?

Ed Imo, the founder and president of Imo's, has no doubt that Freese can hit a home run for his pizza empire in much the same fashion as when he delivered a walk-off blast in Game 6 of the 2011 World Series.

"We're also very excited to have David as our spokesperson," said Imo in a press release yesterday announcing the news. "We found out after his great 2011 playoff and World Series performances that David loved Imo's Pizza, and we've been trying to get together now for about a year. We just love that he endorsed Imo's on his own before we officially partnered."

Freese's commercials for Imo's are set to air later this summer. And Imo's will join Freese in a philanthropic program by donating $10,000 to Variety the Children's Charity of St. Louis.

But the question must be asked: Might Imo's signature Provel cheese weigh down on Freese, who's currently enjoying MLB's longest active hitting streak of nineteen games? Or might he find new power in Imo's now that he's not weighed down by the yoke of crust that comes with other brands of pizza?

This we know. Should Imo's contract not work out with Freese, there is always Jenna Fischer. The St. Louis actress and star of The Office recently defended Imo's pizza and Provel cheese on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

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