Smithfield Pork Exposed by Humane Society, Boycotted by Bittman

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Paula Deen may love Smithfield Foods pork products, but Mark Bittman's not a fan. Neither is the Humane Society of America, who released a report on inhumane conditions at Smithfield's large pig farms. Bittman took to his website yesterday to call for a boycott, and issued a plea to stop supporting factory-farmed meat. Smithfield is the world's largest pork producer.

Out-of-work people with culinary aspirations are flocking to rental kitchens to start their food businesses. The New York Times visits a 5,500 square foot rental kitchen in Queens, where space is rented by the shift to people like an unemployed hedge fund worker who's making whoopee pies, a former Middle Eastern construction contractor making Indian sweets, and caterers who are trying to move beyond the restaurant scene.

Why's that honey red? The urban beekeeping trend hits a snag. With bees being designed to eat the sweetest things they can find, the Atlantic reports that urban bees are producing honey full of all sorts of unnatural goodies, like Red Dye No. 40 from a maraschino cherry factory. Not that this is anything new. New York City bees have always had an affinity for maraschino cherries. No, really.

Some teens in Danville, Pennsylvania, aren't going to have a happy Christmas, what with getting arrested for a food fight in the high school cafeteria. According to the Daily Item, thirty students participated in flinging turkey, mashed potatoes, and gravy around the cafeteria. Five kids were arrested for disorderly conduct.

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