Soft-Serve Lamb Neck Dirt Pie? It's the Menu of 2011...Today!

Get used to this. - Image via
Get used to this.

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Get used to this.
Nation's Restaurant News (via Eater) looks at the hot restaurant trends for 2011, as determined by restaurant-marketing consultancy Andrew Freeman & Co. What will be the trend of next year, according to Andrew Freeman?
"If I had one trend -- one trend -- of the year that I could predict, that's why it's in the No. 1 position, this would be the trend for pie," he said.
Well, if nothing else, these guys will be happy.

Among the trends so broad that they can't possibly be proven wrong are "vegetables," and "heart-healthy" foods, though the latter seems to refer specifically to wood-roasting large hunks of meat.

Among the trends of which Gut Check approves are popsicles (we recommend paletas), shops that specialize in hot dogs and sausages, neck meat and lamb and goat belly.

Among the trends Gut Check thought already were trends is soft-serve ice cream.

Among the trends that terrify Gut Check are dirt and -- shudder -- mini plates. Like small plates, only smaller.

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